We offer support, services and advice to Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic people throughout Wales who are affected by mental ill health.

A number of reports have highlighted that although there is an over-representation of Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic adults within the mental health services there is also an under-representation of BAME young people accessing mental health services. Furthermore, BAME people are less likely to be referred by a GP for support despite this leading to higher percentages than average later being admitted to hospital with chronic mental health problems.

As part of Diverse Cymru’s mission, we are striving to make positive differences in these statistics. We are using our position to raise awareness both within Wales’ BAME communities and among health care professionals of the additional issues and barriers that face BAME people around accessing mental health services.

We want people to feel confident and comfortable when accessing services, and for health care practitioners to feel more knowledgeable when facing the complexities of the issues that some BAME people face in seeking help.

Our projects

Funded by the Welsh Government as part of their Section 64 grants, the All-Wales Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Mental Health Project focuses on representing the views, opinions and experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic adults with mental ill-health to policy makers and practitioners at a strategic level. This engagement helps ensure that the barriers specific to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people are taken into account in the development and implementation of legislation, policies, procedures and practices throughout Wales.

This work also involves a specific focus on Dementia among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities. There is a dearth of research on older people within these communities and Diverse Cymru has worked hard over the last 4 years to provide an evidence base as a platform to create meaningful change. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia has found that people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds are less likely to receive a diagnosis or support due to a lack of evidence, so the importance of our work cannot be understated.

We know that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people experience dementia in markedly different ways to white British people. For example diagnosis is more likely to occur at an advanced stage of the illness, there is a lower take-up of mainstream dementia services, and the availability of culturally appropriate forms of post-diagnostic support is variable.

We work closely with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities in Wales, with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic led organisations with an interest in older people, dementia care, and support in Wales. We have hosted seminars on dementia care in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities highlighting good practice across Wales. We have also produced several ground-breaking reports on Dementia among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities in Wales:

As I Walk the Last Mile of the Way.

Research paper.

Read more about our Dementia work.

Who we work with:

  • People from African, African/Black Caribbean, Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani communities
  • The long-established 3rd and 4th generation mixed parentage population of Cardiff
  • Asylum seekers and refugees

Our services include:

  • An individual Recovery plan – Collaborating with clients to identify individual goals and ideal paths to recovery
  • Support in the community – Help and support with everyday situations
  • Information and advice
  • Befriending – Befriending volunteers are trained and supported by Diverse Cymru to provide an informal social outlet to people who are isolated by their mental ill-health
  • Signposting for individuals, family members and carers
  • Hospital and GP visits
  • Understanding and encouragement

Who can make a referral?:

  • Potential clients can self-refer
  • Voluntary and community organisations
  • Agencies working with homeless people
  • Housing support workers
  • Social services
  • Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs)
  • GPs and other health professionals
  • Probation services
  • Refugees and Asylum Seeker organisations

HYPE CYMRU – Helping young people through empowerment. Delivering workshop to key stage 2 and 3 and young people up to the age of 25 years old.

HYPE Cymru carries out workshops on feelings, mental health knowledge, and breaking down stigma attached to mental health and how to talk about mental health, and who to speak to if you need help.

The project is run in Cardiff Newport Swansea and Wrexham. HYPE Cymru work in primary schools, secondary schools, youth centres, and even running our own shed, were you can drop in during the day and evening to have a chat and pick up information on mental health.

Green prescription – this involves taking young people out and about in wales, using a holistic approach. HYPE Cymru works to help young people to take time out, maybe by doing a form of exercise, or walking. HYPE encourages young people to practice mindfulness when they are on walks and to listen to themselves.

To find out more, click here.

With Welsh Government funding, we have created a project aimed to provide enhanced person-focused support to vulnerable Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people across Wales who require mental health support during this time. Our usual methods of working have changed due to COVID-19 and we are experiencing an increase in demand for our specialist services from across Wales. This is a community focused and culturally sensitive, offering services in four community languages (including Arabic and Somali), aiming to improve individuals’ mental wellbeing so that they do not need to access primary services.

To get in contact, ring 07932 512240, or email tubasum.munawar@diverse.cymru.