Free counselling for Black, Asian & minoritised ethnic people.

As part of our Mental Health Hub, we offer free counselling for Black, Asian & minoritised ethnic people in Wales who are aged 18+ and are experiencing mental ill health.

We are experts at working sensitively with people from diverse backgrounds. Our diverse counsellors work holistically with individuals to meet their specific needs, carefully considering their cultural, social and familial contexts.

Counselling is:

  • A chance to meet with a trained counsellor in private (in person, on a video call or on the telephone) for one hour a week
  • A place to talk about your concerns, feelings, issues and things that have happened to you. The counsellor will help you to understand your experiences, behaviours and feelings better
  • A confidential space. What you talk about in counselling is kept private and stays between you and the counsellor unless the counsellor feels you or anyone else is at risk from harm.

Counselling is not:

  • Medical help. Counsellors will not prescribe medication.
  • Advice or opinion. Counsellors will not give their advice or opinions. Counsellors help you to find your own solutions to problems.

If you would like to find out more about our counselling service, you can fill out the referral form here.

If you have clients who are part of Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic communities who could benefit from our counselling service, please use the referral form here.

You can download a copy of our counselling service poster here.