Helping workplaces to develop fairer services for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people in Wales.

Diverse Cymru’s Cultural Competence Certification Scheme is an award winning workplace development tool to help organisations implement good workplace practice, ensuring services are fair and equitable for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people in Wales.

Suzanne Duval and Dr Charles Willie with Wales Online Diversity and Inclusion Award (2022)

Reducing disparities in the workplace

Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic people in Wales and the UK face inequalities that lead to poorer life chances in all areas of public life. Disparities, as recently highlighted by the heightened impact of Covid-19 on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, can have an ongoing impact on the lives of those affected. Organisations have a key part to play in overcoming these inequalities.

Suzanne Duval (BEM) , the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Mental Health and Dementia Policy Manager at Diverse Cymru said,

“We believe that an organisation that understands and appreciates cultural difference will promote diversity, inclusion and belonging so that individuals of all backgrounds feel respected and valued. Practicing cultural competence will enable an organisation to attract the best talent as employees and to provide fair and equitable services for everyone.”

Exploring unconscious bias and developing cultural competence

The Certification Scheme supports workplaces to ‘start a journey’ to explore commonly held unconscious bias and to develop their cultural competence, so that their services and employment practices are fair and equitable. This approach benefits both the workplace staff and service users.

Join the Scheme

Our Certification Scheme is available to private, public and third sector organisations.

We are working with over 100 Certification Scheme participants. These include workplace areas in Wales in all health boards and all the leading mental health charities.

We also work with workplaces operating in learning disability, dementia, substance misuse, education, social care, local authorities, universities, and the private sector to ensure organisations are addressing the inequalities and disparities experienced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people who use (or may be excluded from using) their services.

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