Alongside you and your grief.

We’ve partnered with Marie Curie to ensure you get the help you need after someone dies.

Together, we’re offering bereavement support services including bereavement counselling, support groups and a helpline.

We can support you through:

Bereavement counselling

If someone you know has died from a terminal illness, get free bereavement counselling with a qualified counsellor over the phone, virtually or face to face (subject to location).

Group support

Some people find meeting with other bereaved people in a support group helps them come to terms with their own feelings. Find a safe space to meet with others going through grief near you.

Ongoing support over the phone

The Marie Curie Bereavement Service is a free, national service offering ongoing support, from the same volunteer, over the phone. It’s not a counselling service, but a safe place to talk and share your feelings.

To find out more, phone 0800 090 2309 or visit the Wales Bereavement Information and Support Service (BISS) website here.

You can download a summary of the service here.

Get involved

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one and are looking to help other people experiencing bereavement?

Volunteer with us

Help support people experiencing bereavement. Find out more here.

Share your story

Would you like to share your story?

It’s not easy talking about grief and loss, but it’s incredibly valuable to hear how it impacts the lives of people and communities. It enables us to tailor our support to be more inclusive and accessible.

We are inviting people from diverse communities to share their lived experience and have their voices heard.

To get involved, call 02920 36 8888 or 07535 409589  or email Vijiha at