We help to provide Culturally Appropriate Mental Health Services that make a practical difference for BAME people in Wales.

Vaughan Gething

In October 2016 the then Health Minister Vaughan Gething launched at the Diverse Cymru offices a Cultural Competency toolkit written specifically for mental health organisations and practitioners in Wales. Making this statement about the Toolkit:

“I welcome the development of the Cultural Competency Toolkit which will help professionals and services deliver more appropriate care and support. Such projects will help us achieve a number of the goals included in our ten-year strategy Together for Mental Health”

Having launched the Toolkit, aimed specifically at improving and equipping the mental health and social care sector to better support disadvantaged communities, at Diverse Cymru we recognised that this would not be enough to make the much needed practical ongoing improvements to the mental health services provided and received by the BME community in Wales.

So, by working with an established charter mark organisation (UKIED), we added to the toolkit a certification scheme, we have titled – The Diverse Cymru BME Mental Health Workplace Good Practice Certification Scheme (WGPCS).

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The scheme which is endorsed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, focuses on improving workplace practice to help ensure that the barriers specific to BME people are taken into account in the delivery of mental health services to them, and it is hoped that the Toolkit and this evidence based certification scheme will provide organisations and practitioners with relevant support, techniques and interventions to be able to deliver an effective culturally competent, patient centered service

We are grateful for the Welsh Government’s support for this initiative through its Section 64 grant for third sector organisations operating on an all-Wales basis in the mental health sector. And we appreciate the Welsh Governments dedication and commitment to launching this new innovative certification scheme, the first of its kind in the UK.


The need for this scheme stems from the recognised and acknowledged inequality in the services provided to BME people accessing mental health services as compared to non BME service users. Research over many years has identified that a major cause of this inequality relates to the lack of culturally sensitive and as a consequence culturally competent mental health services for the BME community.

The main purpose of the scheme is the development of responsive, appropriate, proactive and culturally sensitive mental health services that makes a practical, ongoing and positive difference to BME community in Wales.

The main aim of the scheme is that of making the BME community in Wales more confident and comfortable when accessing mental health services, and for health care practitioners and professionals in Wales to be more sensitive and knowledgeable regarding the issues that the BME community may face in obtaining appropriate mental health services and support.


Research and practice has shown that culturally competent health services produce significant Social, Health and Business benefits, for the provider, the patients and the community as a whole

Benefits such as improved health outcomes, increased respect and mutual understanding, which in most cases lead to increased participation from the local community, lower costs and fewer care disparities.

The scheme takes specific note of these constraints, and has been designed to be both cost and resource efficient and effective. Additionally by encouraging organisations to build cultural considerations much earlier and more effectively within the service user relationship cycle and within their own business as usual processes, there is clear evidence that this will mean more effective and inclusive service user engagement and better service user experience, leading to better outcomes and increased efficiency savings.

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