We are inviting you to take part in an engagement event as part of our rapid review of the Welsh Government’s Community Cohesion Programme.

These events are for diverse people in Wales. They are about how you experience community cohesion in Wales. We also welcome community groups and third sector organisations who represent diverse people in Wales.

Who are we

Diverse Cymru is a Welsh equality charity. We look at and represent the views and experiences of diverse people in Wales from all the equality groups (protected characteristics, carers, and people from lower socio-economic groups.) We also focus on intersectional experiences and issues (people who have more than one equality characteristic.) We have extensive experience in engagement, research and policy work in Wales.

About the research

We have been contracted by Welsh Government to deliver a rapid review of the Welsh Government’s Community Cohesion Programme. A key part of this research is collecting people’s lived experiences of community cohesion in Wales. We want to look at what can be improved based on people’s experiences. We will be gathering these experiences by carrying out online engagement events with diverse people all over Wales.

Community cohesion aims to create communities where:

  • different groups of people get along well and understand each other
  • different groups of people feel safe
  • everyone feels they belong
  • everyone has a sense of mutual respect and shared values
  • everyone has opportunities to get involved and lead on community initiatives
  • everyone has a sense of being well connected to others in their communities
  • everyone feels supported

Is this engagement for me?

We are keen to hear from:

  • Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic people
  • People who are ethnically and culturally diverse
  • People of colour
  • People who experience racism
  • Gypsies, Roma and Travellers
  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees
  • Disabled people. This includes:
    • People with mobility impairments. For example, wheelchair users or people with health conditions that affect walking.
    • People with sensory impairments. For example, Blind, Deaf, or hearing-impaired people.
    • People with learning impairments / disabilities. For example, autistic and neuro-diverse people or people with dyslexia, dyspraxia, or Downs Syndrome.
    • People with cognitive impairments. For example, people with dementia or hydrocephalus.
    • People with mental ill health, or people who experience emotional distress. For example, people who experience anxiety, people who have depression, or people with schizophrenia
    • People with long-term health conditions. For example, HIV, diabetes or MS.
  • Lesbian, Gay and Bi people
  • Asexual people
  • Older people over 50
  • Young people under 25
  • People with different religions and beliefs and no religion or belief
  • Carers (people who provide unpaid care or support to a friend or family member)
  • Women and men
  • Intersex people
  • Trans and non-binary people
  • And people from different socio-economic groups or classes

The engagement event will be a structured discussion. This means that Diverse Cymru will ask questions and invite participants to share their experiences and answer each question.

The questions will cover:

  • your understanding of community cohesion in Wales
  • how involved you have been in community cohesion activities in Wales
  • your own experiences and how these relate to community cohesion in Wales
  • your experiences and views on what needs to be changed to make sure you experience cohesive communities in Wales.

Everyone will get a chance to speak and a chance to answer every question.

We will use your experiences to shape solutions. The research team will write these solutions in a report we will send to Welsh Government. This report will be anonymous. It will not include any names at all. Your experiences and solutions will be added to experiences we are gathering from community cohesion practitioners and third sector organisations in Wales. Welsh Government will look at these experiences and solutions to improve community cohesion and the Community Cohesion Programme in Wales.

Online engagement events

We are holding online engagement events about community cohesion in October and November.

Each event will be 2 hours long, including a break in the middle.

There is room for a maximum of 10 people per session to make sure everyone has time to speak.

Engagement events will be on Zoom.

You need to have a stable internet connection, a microphone on your computer, and be able to open Zoom in your internet browser to take part in these events.

You do not need to download Zoom.

You can also take part on a smartphone by opening Zoom or copying the meeting link into your browser on your phone or by downloading the Zoom app onto your phone.

We will send you a link to the event after you register.

If you do not have a microphone or stable internet connection you can phone into the engagement events as a phone call.

You can take part in English, Welsh, British Sign Language or in another community language. Please let us know your preferred language when you register.

Please let us know if you have access requirements or other requirements when you register

Please also let us know if you need us to reimburse your telephone or internet costs for participating.

Please only register for one of the dates and times. Each event is the same. We have several dates and times so that everyone who wants to take part in this project can take part.

The events will be held on these dates:

If you cannot make any of these dates please let us know. If several people cannot make these dates we will set an extra date for online engagement events.

We can reimburse childcare, replacement care, access or other reasonable expenses directly related to you attending the engagement event.

Please let us know your expenses in advance so we can make arrangements.

How to register

If you are interested in taking part in these engagement events you can register by:

  • clicking the links above to register on Eventbrite
  • emailing research@diverse.cymru
  • calling 02920 368888 and asking for Gisele Almeida (researcher) or Non Rhys (bilingual researcher)
  • post to Engagement, Research, and Policy team, Diverse Cymru, 307-315 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, CF5 1JD

Please only register for one of the dates and times. Each event is the same. We have several dates and times so that everyone who wants to take part can take part.

If you can complete a booking form we would appreciate this.

If you cannot complete a booking form please provide your name, contact details, and which event you are registering for when you contact us.

Please include your language choice and any access or other requirements when registering.

Please also let us know if you need us to reimburse your telephone or internet costs for participating.

What if I cannot attend or want to share my views in a different way?

If you are not able to attend any of the events or do not want to engage in a focus group online you can complete our questionnaire or contact us.

The questionnaire covers the same areas as the engagement events. You can give us all the information you want to in this questionnaire. You can let us know everything you would have said in an engagement event.

All questionnaire responses will be treated equally to engagement event participation. Experiences, views, and solutions from the questionnaire will go into a report with the engagement event information. Recommendations will come from both engagement events and the questionnaire.

  • You can fill in the online questionnaire here:

English: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WOTVNC/

Welsh: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/EBFR3L/

Questionnaire for individuals

Questionnaire for third sector organisations final – large print

Questionnaire for third sector organisations

Rapid review – Questionnaire for community cohesion practitioners and partners

Questionnaire for individuals – large print

Ffurflen archebu – Booking form

Or send your questionnaire or comments to Diverse Cymru by:

  • Email: Research@diverse.cymru
  • Telephone: 029 2036 8888 for assistance to complete the questionnaire or to provide your views and experiences. Please ask for Gisele Almeida or Non Rhys. We can read the questions to you, explain them, and / or write your response with you.
  • Post your questionnaire or your views and experiences to:
    Diverse Cymru, 3rd Floor, Alexandra House
    307-315 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff
    CF5 1JD

If you cannot complete the questionnaire you can send us your experiences, views, and suggested solutions by email or post.

Please contact us if you want this information or the questionnaire in a different language.

If you would like a printed copy of the document by post or by email please contact us.

Please contact us if you want this information or the questionnaire in a different format (for example Braille, on a different colour of paper or background, or an audio file.)